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More email adresses

Intelligent email address validation reduces the amount of typos by half.

XQ:AddressCheck offers helpful checks for this and can enrich address data with valuable information.

Highly flexible reports

The report builder in XQ:Maileon allows to run report analysis easy and fast.

For example individual comparison reports. Already existing mailing and contact filters can be reused for this purpose.

Fairs and Lectures

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Successful E-Mail Marketing with XQueue E-Mail Marketing Software

XQueue considers itself a highly professional provider of tools, software and systems around email marketing and newsletter marketing. It is important to us to provide enterprises and freelancers with systems that stand out due to both usability and perfect performance. Our longstanding expertise and permanent exchange of information with our customers enable us to continuously enhance our high-performance email marketing software. You can test our offers at any time free of charge.

Our key focus is not only on flexible and uncompromising usability of our email marketing software but also on assisting our customers in achieving their business objectives. We combine technological expertise with in-depth understanding of email marketing requirements and excellent service. Meanwhile more than 700 customers are relying on our email marketing software.

Our high-capacity email marketing software XQ:Maileon generates even newsletters with multiple personalization at high speed: up to 100 million emails per hour. Our software assists you in managing contact data and classifying incoming emails. XQ:Maileon turns generation of newsletter templates into child’s play, inserting content is a matter of seconds. Interactive reports depict dispatch volume, bounce rates, opening and click rates as well as unsubscribe rates. You can thus see any time how successful your email marketing activities are.

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